The V Conferences of Fortifications Association of Friends Castle of Montjuïc and International Congress of ICOFORT Spain 2018, which takes place within the framework of the Fortaleza San Fernando de Figueras -site that probably is, due to its great size and perfection of its technique and factory, is the summit and reference of Hispanic engineering in the peninsula, in addition to one of the best bulwark examples of Europe and the world-, has as its main objective the dissemination of knowledge of the last fortified bastions of the eighteenth century and the first polygonal or grips of the nineteenth century-transition between the end of bastioned art and the beginning of the polygonal- , oriented to the valorization and conservation models and management of the Military Patrimony in the Spanish and world scope.

The congress has an interdisciplinary nature, where professionals from all fields related to knowledge, valorization, management and exploitation of culture and heritage can participate. According to the bases of the Announcement of Presentations, the abstracts must be sent for your oral presentation or posters. Both contents may be published in the minutes of the Congress. The sessions will be divided into four themes, which will be the following:

  • Thematic 1. Historical research and sustainable management (2nd half 18th century fortress)
  • Thematic 2. Historical research and sustainable management (1st half 19th century fortress)
  • Thematic 3. Conservation and re-use (2nd half 18th century fortress)
  • Thematic 4. Conservation and re-use (1st half 19th century fortress)

Participating Entities




Castillo de San Fernando