The VIII Conference of Fortifications Association of Friends Castillo de Montjuïc and Conferences / International Congress of Fortifications and Military Heritage 2022, which will be held in the autonomous city of Ceuta –strategic enclave thanks to its location, which allows it to play an important role in the passage of the Strait, as well as in communications between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Spanish territory, which historically was subject to the constant threat of attacks by its enemies, so it was fortified with a diversity of military constructions of all kinds and times- have as their main objective the dissemination of knowledge of military constructions and landscapes, of management models and conservation of their environment and surroundings in the area of the ceutí city.

The conferences/congress has an interdisciplinary nature, where professionals from all fields related to knowledge, valorization, management and exploitation of culture and heritage can participate. According to the bases of the Announcement of Presentations, the abstracts must be sent for your oral presentation. The contents may be published in the minutes of the Conferences/Congress.


Participating Entities