Main accommodation (included in registration)


The congress organization offers to all the speakers and participants the accommodation, breakfasts and lunches included at the Residencia Militar de Accón Social de Mahón (Military Residence of Social Action of Mahón) for the days from 20 to 24 October 2020:

– Breakfast at the Military Residence.

Lunch at the Military Residence except on October 22 at the Castillo de San Felipe restaurant and on October 24 at the Casino de San Clemente (the latter activity not included (prepaid)).

The organization will provide a bus for the morning transfer of attendees to the congress halls and subsequent transfer back to the premises of the Military Residence.

All speakers or participants who decide to stay at the Military Residence must have previously provided us with their name, surname and ID / Passport.

Those who wish to access into the Military Residence with their own vehicle must provide us with their brand, model, color and the car license plate.


Military Residence of Social Action of Mahón

Alternative Accommodations -COMING SOON-